Help yourself

14 Feb


Start . Any way . Raw or gracious . Feel your body . Think about your life . How can you improve yourself ? Start from the first hours of the morning .

Get up from bed , go to the bathroom and freshen up . Take a shower , brush you teeth and wash you face . Take care of you body in totality . From toes to head .

Open the windows , let the air in your house , look outside , even better , go outside and greet nature . Now go make your bed while listening to music . Be sure you clean your room and your home space a little . In a way that makes you comfortable , yet energized .


Make your way through the kitchen , drink two glasses of water with whatever additional natural ingredient you want . Listen to music . Make a cup a of coffee or tea and prepare breakfast . Choose the best food for your body and eat plenty of it . It’s just the start of the day and you need energy for all of it .


Run ! Just put your comfy clothes for a running session and if you are up for it go to the fittness gym .


Treat yourself to feel good about you !

Read ! Read everything that gets your attention , that makes you want to discover more , understand things and explore .

Write ! Write in a journal all that is on your heart and in your mind . Create an everyday agenda for your time . Appreciate your time with yourself . So you will cherish time with your dear ones .

How about something sweet ?


Have an amazing day !


Important note : pictures belong to respective owners . Their instagram profiles are written at the top of the pictures . I am grateful for them .





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