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10 Pick-Me-Up Quotes To Help You Feel A TON Better When You’re Down

24 Feb


Step away from the fridge and let these feel-good reminders bring your smile back!

Ups and downs are normal, and it’s impossible to feel positive constantly. The key to bouncing back or finding a positive mindset quickly is having a dependable go-to when you’re down.

Uplifting quotes always seem to help us feel better quickly, as well as grateful (a most powerful emotion) or simply help us recognize that we don’t have it so bad, and that things could be worse.

There is a challenge with running from what we don’t want because the core feeling creating that motivation to run is negative. And, acting from negative motivation just attracts more negative people and situations into our lives.

So here are some uplifting quotes with empowering thoughts to run toward for more positive inspiration. I’ve included some of my own inspiring quotes on self love, and some from other inspirational people.

In the link below you will find the entire article full of insightful inspiration . Grateful to Kelly Rudolph for writing this .

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Books, Glorious Books…

19 Feb

A Corner of Cornwall

Ah…. Books.  An entirely different matter from reading.  Books are entities; books have a presence of their own beyond the words and the worlds contained within their pages.  Books are things of beauty.  At least that’s how it is for me.

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Help yourself

14 Feb


Start . Any way . Raw or gracious . Feel your body . Think about your life . How can you improve yourself ? Start from the first hours of the morning .

Get up from bed , go to the bathroom and freshen up . Take a shower , brush you teeth and wash you face . Take care of you body in totality . From toes to head .

Open the windows , let the air in your house , look outside , even better , go outside and greet nature . Now go make your bed while listening to music . Be sure you clean your room and your home space a little . In a way that makes you comfortable , yet energized .


Make your way through the kitchen , drink two glasses of water with whatever additional natural ingredient you want . Listen to music . Make a cup a of coffee or tea and prepare breakfast . Choose the best food for your body and eat plenty of it . It’s just the start of the day and you need energy for all of it .


Run ! Just put your comfy clothes for a running session and if you are up for it go to the fittness gym .


Treat yourself to feel good about you !

Read ! Read everything that gets your attention , that makes you want to discover more , understand things and explore .

Write ! Write in a journal all that is on your heart and in your mind . Create an everyday agenda for your time . Appreciate your time with yourself . So you will cherish time with your dear ones .

How about something sweet ?


Have an amazing day !


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9 Feb

The Happy Book

I believe inner beauty comes from accepting yourself for who you really are. We should not try to be someone who we are not. If we are unable to appreciate our own inner beauty , we wiol have a hard time apperciating it in others.

Different people find different qualities necessary for a beautiful soul and most of the times it is difficult to have all those qualities in one single person. Honesty is the best policy heard many times even from the childhood, hence it is a nice quality. To me the beautiful soul is one which is at peace and which i believe can be acheived vwhen you start forgiving people. Forgiveness is also an essential requirement of a beautiful soul. If the person have vthe quality of forgiveness it means that the person has a clear heart and is full of positivity. Forgiveness fills our heart with…

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