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Worth — Discover

8 Jun

Holly Wren Spaulding reflects on making art: “These acts originate in my commitment, my pact with myself, to pay attention to life — my one and only life — and the little world I inhabit.”

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Self-published authors have found a way to actually make money — Quartz

8 Jun

The smell and heft of print books are hard to replace, so it’s no surprise that rumors have been circulating about the death of the no-good, unloveable, cold, glassy ebook. But despite claims of slumping ebook sales, two new reports show this simply isn’t true. One new report from accounting firm PwC, released today, confirms…

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Why in the world do i need someone to love me when i can love myself ?

6 Jun

Time and time again i met people and tried to connect at a deeper level . Why do i want to connect so deep ? Why would i want to know someone else’ undergrounds ? Would it help me feel safe ? Would it help me to get to know myself better than before ? Every time there appears something from within that i try and need to understand . It sure is a way to discover more about me . I have discovered along the way that the only way to really be content with yourself , your life and all life on earth is to be thankful for what is in your life , for the time you have to live on this earth . What can you do with time being given to you every day ? I do believe there is infinity in things . Choices after choices . Plenty for a whole lifetime . So why do you really need to have someone love you to trully enjoy your life , your time on earth , your health , your body , your moments and all the beings that are and enjoy being present in your life ?

Why do people have a life and do not know what to do with it ? I understand that there are differences . What would you do if there were not ? All the differences make living on earth an interesting and thrilling journey . Maybe someday even in the outer space , on other planets . Who knows ?

So , what can people do by themselves or with other beings ? There are answers everywhere around . Inside the house , outside the house . On every part of geography on this earth . Traveling , searching , talking , singing , dancing , laughing , crying and so on . Do it and then find something else to do as long as you respect yourself and the other beings .

Be thankful for what is and live a beautiful , enriching and worthwhile experience ! affluentfamily


My Kid Is A Tiny Pedant And I’m Not Really Sorry

5 Jun

My son is going through a pedantic phase. It’s a long phase; it’s been going on for over two years now and shows no signs of flagging. I distinctly remember when it started – he a…

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From Yardwork to Artwork: The Photinia Story — Discover

5 Jun

Andrew Seal demonstrates how yardwork becomes inspiration for artwork.

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