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25 Jul

That moment . Hoping everything will turn out really good . When you know you have lived for this present . Everything you have done has brought you here . Now . What would you change ? What would you want to do different ? Will you do it ? Hope so . Every now and then you get to know you better . After the confusion , after everything that caused you to feel down . Now you are strong . You are the best . Best you for you , best you for your people .



When “Me, Me, Me” Means “You, You, You”

25 Jul

The Dish

Katy Waldman examines one subtle way people inadvertently signal their insecurities:

We know now that the linguistic expression of low confidence plays out in pronouns. Until recently, many experts believed that first-person singular referents were verbal playthings for the powerful and narcissistic, the me-me-me-me-me people who demand attention. But as James Pennebaker, a psychologist from the University of Texas at Austin, has written, the pronoun “I” often signals humility and subservience. A more confident person is more likely to be surveying her domain (and perhaps considering what “you” should be doing), rather than turning inward. …

[Linguist William] Labov’s experiment suggests that punctilious attention to “proper” usage may come from a place of insecurity. The extreme form of this is hypercorrection, in which “a real or imagined grammatical rule is applied in an inappropriate context, so that an attempt to be ‘correct’ leads to an incorrect result.” (Think substituting “you…

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