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Have you aknowledged , accepted and at least tried to compensate your mistakes ?

19 Mar

Everyone gets under water from time to time . How to learn to float ?

A few ears ago i met someone interesting , funny and lovable . Every time we saw eachother we were giving attention and enjoyed loving one another . I have been taught a lesson . Take it step by step . Try to make the best of your current situation . Think how can you make it . And do it with an optimist mindset . By giving you make someone else happy and create cherished memories for both . And you also allow yourself to feel that joy and learn how to receive with an open heart . And that makes you better and stronger .

Wish all of you a loveable spring !

Hugs & Kisses



18 Mar

No matter how much or how little one has or anything one has to conquer , one should never forget to BE STRONG .

Do not get yourself down , keep account of yourself . Offer as much as you feel and as much as you wish , but always keep in mind to net let others take advantage of your courage, of your devotment , of your hard work , especially of your love .

Do you feel strong enough about yourself ? Then you are strong enough to give love . But as long as you forget to love yourself , trying to love someone else or trying to make other people love you will not bring your own inside happiness . Instead it creates dependency on other people .

Remind them that kindness does exist and show it . Teach or show how to receive love without getting overwhelmed . Give love to see smiles and to fulfill oneself . You can do it .

Take action in the direction you wish , get over obstacles . Do not let your problems to other hands. Resolve them . Do not let people tell you that you do not know something , learn it . You are capable. What are you afraid of ? Sure it should not be that scarry . Handle your feelings .

Even if people have the best intention toward you , being too protective stops you from learning to face life as it is . Comfort feels good , but action gives you a better feeling , like that of being useful . Because you are . You have value . The world wants to see it . Just BELIEVE !!!

You become stronger if you wish and take action .

Ask yourself why do people want to take away your courage , your trust in yourself . Ask yourself if you can do it . What are the answers ?

Know your weakness , accept it and move forward . Take action in whatever you think brings good to you and others .

Would love to see you in action . Take pictures . Post them .

Notice life . Help life give you what you want .